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The health company of the year 2018

Dear friends and supporters, 

we thrilled to be part of a competition the Health Company of the year 2018 again. Every year it is organized by the Union insurance company. We sucessfully received the 4th place in the manufacturing companies category. The competition focus on assessment of benefits of employees, such as above-standard health care, sport activities, free days for regeneration, etc. 

Our main effort is constantly bring various benefits to our employees, e.g. support during emergency situation of financial problemsfinancial contribution of accomodation and travelling costs of employees, events supporting physical actitivites, free consultations with specialistsrecondition stays, attendance if running and similar sport actitiviesincreasing of employee´s awareness in connection to the health and nutritive food, etc. Our aim is constantly extend mentioned spectrum of benefits and above-standard support. The saying that only happy employee is a good employee is definitely the truth.