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Continuous belt furnace with a protective atmosphere for finishing by hardening to oil, washing and tempering.

Hardening line

The production capacity of the hardening line is 100 kg per hour. Maximal temperature reaches 1050 °C.

The subsequent oil bath is made of 4000 litres of oil, depending on the customer´s demand at the maximal temperature 90°C.

The tempering temperature is typically between 300-700°C.


One of many advantages of this line, which was constructed as a continuous belt furnace, is that all products go through the process at the same temperature and in a protective atmosphere that secures more stable parameters of processed parts.  


GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. has a unique laboratory, which is able to measure all kinds of shapes and dimensions and to test mechanical properties of products and their chemical composition. The company has round-the-clock operation.

It has reliable and precise machines for hardness measuring as well. 

Last but not least, it is possible to perform the metallographic analysis on modern machines.