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These principles contain information about how GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. uses cookies files and similar technologies (further only “cookies”). 

The usage of cookies

Individual webpages of GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. are using cookies, which help us to provide better services. Using webpages operated by GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. you express the agreement with the cookies usage to GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. in accordance to the browser settings. If you visit our websites and the browser allows receiving of cookies we consider it as an acceptance of our cookie usage terms. You are able to find cookies change instructions in help section of every browser. 

What are cookies?

Cookie are small text files, which could be send to the browser during the website visit and stored in your device (computer or other device with access to the internet, such as smartphone or tablet). Cookie files are stored in your browser folder. Cookies usually include the name of the website they came from, as well as validity and value. During the next visit of the website, the browser will once again load the cookie files and sent these information back to the website that originally created cookies. Cookies files which we use do not damage your computer. 

Why are we using cookie?

We use cookies with the aim to create the website in an optimal way and to constantly improve our services, to adjust to your interests and needs and to develop the structure and content. Temporary and permanent cookies could be used at the website. Temporary cookies are stored in your device until you left the website. Permanent cookies stay in your device until their validity expire or until you erase them manually. The period during which we store information depends on the type of cookie files. We are using several types of cookies at our website. 

Basic cookie files

These cookie files create the basement for our website operation and enable the usage of basic functions. Basic cookies such as the login remembering allow the access to the secured areas without necessary repeated login, pre-completion of a form, etc. We cannot provide services which represent the basement of our websites without these cookies. 

Operational cookie files

We are gathering statistical information about how you are using our website applying operational cookies. Various knowledge are provided by these technical information, e.g. which part of the website have you visited, which website section have you visited for the last time, etc. These cookies represent a basic part for the analysis and for website improvement from the content, performance and design point of view. If you forbid these cookies we cannot guarantee faultless functioning of our website.

Functional cookie files

Functional cookie files are not inevitable but they help us to improve the functionality of our website. It covers for example the retaining of settings chosen during previous website visit, for example content distribution, choosing of the location, etc. so we do not have to set them again.

Thanks to these cookies we are detecting if you have been addressed with a specific service or we provide information from your actual area if you agree with sharing of these information. Even though the usage of these cookies depend exclusively on your settings, possibly turning off could cause the loss of some services which we could provide you.

Cookies file of the third party

The content from different websites could be integrated at our website. Therefore, cookies files which do not subordinate to the control of GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. could be generated during the usage of our websites. It covers e.g. the case when the visited website uses a tool for analysis or marketing automatization from the third party (e.g. Google tools) or it shows the content of websites of the third party, e.g YouTube or Facebook. It causes the acceptance of cookie files of the third parties. GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. cannot have a control over the storage and access to these cookie files. If you would like to know how these third parties use cookie files, please read the principles of privacy protection and principles of cookie usage of these services.

How can I change cookies setting?

Cookies which are used at the website could be set in your browser. The majority of browsers are originally set to an automatic acceptance of cookies. This setting could be changed by the cookies blocking or by the note in case when cookies should be send to you device.

Instructions for cookies change could be find in help section of every browser. If you are using different devices to the access to websites (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet), we advise you to adjust every browser on each of your devices to your cookies preferences.

We will respect if you chance the pre-adjust cookies settings. Anyway, turning off of some cookies could have an impact to the functionality of our websites.