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Visit and cooperation with Belarus National Technical University

Representatives of GEVORKYAN company, namely its founder Artur Gevorkyan and his wife visited Belarus National Technical University (BNTU) at the beginning of June 2019. The company was presented during the meeting, together with focus on its specialty, successes and planned directing. The agreement of future cooperation was made. The planned collaboration will be focused on practices of students of BNTU in GEVORKYAN. Students will also deal with their final thesis focusing on solutions of real company problem situations. The cooperation in applied research is planned as well. 
GEVORKYAN is similarly cooperating with several Slovak universities. Students in Belarus are able to study powder metallurgy as a branch of their study, while in Slovakia powder metallurgy is only a small part of curriculum. GEVORKYAN is keen to continue in this trend and to develop relations with other universities. 

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GEVORKYAN as first in Slovakia launched high-speed hardening line

Dear business partners, friends and supporters,

It is a great pleasure for us to announce the sucessful launch of the new HIGH-SPEED HARDENING LINE. We are the 1st in Slovakia who use this exact machine. As you surely know, we are constantly trying to extend our range of services, which we offer to customers from more than 30 countries of the world. However, we strongly believe that the new hardening line will have its satisfied customers in Slovakia and in the surrounding countries, as well. 

Capacity of the hardening line is 100kg/hour at the maximal temperature of 1050°C. Subsequent oil bath is made of 4000 liters of oil at the maximal temperature 90°C. The tempering temperature is between 300-700°C. The line is able not only to provide hardening operations, but it also enables cementation of products made of different materials, annealing, etc. An immense advantage of mentioned hardening line is the fact that all products go through the process at the same temperature and under the protecting atmosphere, which is apparent mainly in higher stability of parameters of proceed parts, in comparison to chamber furnaces. 

Nor less interesing information could be find in an article concerning the hardening line, which was published in Strojárstvo technological magazine (no. 5/May). The article is accessible by clicking on this text or by clicking on the article preview below. 

In case of your interest you are welcome to contact us through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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The health company of the year 2018

Dear friends and supporters, 

we thrilled to be part of a competition the Health Company of the year 2018 again. Every year it is organized by the Union insurance company. We sucessfully received the 4th place in the manufacturing companies category. The competition focus on assessment of benefits of employees, such as above-standard health care, sport activities, free days for regeneration, etc. 

Our main effort is constantly bring various benefits to our employees, e.g. support during emergency situation of financial problems, financial contribution of accomodation and travelling costs of employees, events supporting physical actitivites, free consultations with specialists, recondition stays, attendance if running and similar sport actitivies, increasing of employee´s awareness in connection to the health and nutritive food, etc. Our aim is constantly extend mentioned spectrum of benefits and above-standard support. The saying that only happy employee is a good employee is definitely the truth. 

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