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  • Winner of the EPMA 2018 - PM - Component Awards, Structural Parts category, for our component the "Driving Flange"
  • Recognitions National Champion, National Public Champion and Ruban d´Honneur in the European Business Awards for year 2016/2017
  • Enlistment to the TOP 10 companies of Banská Bystrica region for 2016
  • Recognition "Inspiring project" for 2014, the Great Employer category, Via Bona Slovakia 2014
  • Awards “Diamonds of the Slovak Business” for years 2012 and 2013
  • Award “Fachmetall QM Context Award” in 2012, the Quality category
  • Finalist of the competition “Entrepreneur of the year“ for years 2011 and 2012
  • Award „Plant of the year“ 2011
Diamonds of Slovak Business 2020 - 1st place, category of Middle Slovakia
Engineers produce masks - TREND
Respirators of new generation - ÚPV SR
They produce protective masks - TV JOJ
Gevorkyan is donating masks again - TV JOJ
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engineers will produce respirators - RTVS
ZMPS Business walks Banská Bystrica 2019
EPMA 2018 Powder Metallurgy Component Award
The world of technologies - TA3
European Business Awards, 2016/2017
Happy Company 2016 – interview with A. Gevorkyanom after the conference
Move festival – interview with a. Gevorkyanom after the event
Happy Company conference
Happy Company 2016 - Teaser
EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2012
EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2011
Thanks to the crisis we are exporting to the whole world - HN tv