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Occupational safety and health, together with environment are the most important values of GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. Deep respect of environment and determination to continue in this trend proves also the fact, that the company employs qualified specialists, who are responsible for occupational safety and health, as well as environment.

More than 90% of waste is recycled or used again. The company tries to decrease its impact on environment not only by these actions. Company specialists are constantly trying to make the usage of natural sources more effective. One of many examples is an installation of cleaner for waste emulsions. The cleaner is used in the process of returning of clean emulsion back to the production process. Another project for forthcoming period is an installation of heat recuperates. The project´s goal is to use waste heat from compressors station to heat non-potable water and office premises.

The company is certified with STN EN ISO 14001:2016.

Company policy of quality and environment is available here.