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The company target is summarized in its motto “Your flexibility with our solutions”. As the majority owner A. Gevorkyan says: “The world doesn´t have instant solutions, but it is necessary to always search for them.”

Our recipe for success

We work with the right people! For example, at the beginning of the crisis the former production manager put a quote of Napoleon Bonaparte on a table, where meetings used to take place. The quote is: “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” It perfectly fits the company philosophy – nothing is impossible, right?

Assistant of managing director disgusted with answers of “experienced” men such as “it isn´t possible”, “it won´t be successful”, “we are not able to do it on time”, etc. brought a money box in the shape of an elephant to our development meetings. Every “it isn´t possible” was penalized with 10SKK, which was approximately 0,30€. The money box was designed in a shape of an “elephant” and at the same time it performed a laughing sound, which has a humbling effect on colleagues.

Our motto isnever give up”. Its importance increased especially during the crises. Customers were fascinated with the quote. They even wrote down its translation in their mother tongue to a poster displaying a stork choking by a frog.​