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For more than 22 years the company brings innovative and creative products to its customers. It has its own material and technological development and its own KNOW-HOW of moulds projecting. The R&D department employs 17 engineers, who develop more than 150 completely new products every year. It cooperates with the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the University of Cambridge. It cooperates with research institutes in Sweden and Canada regarding development of new materials. It increases the number of parts consumers for approximately 10 new customers every year. 

Company products are part of numerous automotive brands from Dacia to Mercedes, as well as in more exclusive brands like Porsche or Bentley, in brand cosmetics such as Versace or Hugo Boss, in hand tools for public and professionals such Black&Decker, DeWalt, Bosch, in garden, agriculture and building technique, e.g. John Deere, Deutz, Komatsu, in oil industry, compressors, sewing machines, measuring technique, medicine, cosmetic and fashion industry.

Proofs of expansion to new markets and significant production development are contracts signed in recent time with companies from different sectors.