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GEVORKYAN is a member of the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) and APMI International. It has a perfectly equipped laboratory and R&D department. In recent years, the company successfully performed various customer audits. It became a global supplier of the largest international companies, which have plants all around the world.

The company is distinguished by its strategical position almost in the middle of the Europe, only few hours from international airports of Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest or Krakow.

The company is distinguished by strategical position almost in the middle of the Europe few hours from international airports of Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest or Krakow.


It cooperates with suppliers providing products to oil industry and MIM technology regarding development of new materials. In general, the automotive industry is the main consumer of sintered parts, which are used in e.g. engines, gearboxes, steering system, etc. Other consumers of company products are manufacturers of hand tools, locks and security systems, air conditions, compressors and pumps, garden and agricultural technique, building machines, measuring technique, sewing machines, disability aids, medicine, cosmetics, fashion industry, etc.

Company exceptionality is shown in many aspects:

  • it has its own KNOW-HOW
  • own product development
  • traditionally, 10% of employees work at R&D department
  • 50% of company products have never been made by powder metallurgy before
  • 80% of export goes to customers from more than 30 countries of the world (e.g. Europe, China, India, Mexico, Brazil, USA and others)
  • all kinds of mechanical (e.g. CNC turning, milling, etc.) and heat treatment (hardening, blackening, cementation, etc.) operations are situated under one roof
  • warm compacting technology to density of 7,3-7,5 g/cm3

The company is able to offer to its customers all three technologies (Powder Metallurgy – PM, Metal Injection Moulding – MIM, Hot Isostatic Pressing – HIP). At the same time it uses 3D (AM – Additive Manufacturing) printing technology for production of plastic spare parts for maintenance department. The company recently purchased AM technology of metal materials. The company is a worldwide uniqueness. 

At the beginning of 2020 with the arrival of Covid-19 pandemic, the company promptly reacted to market needs, as well as needs of society. It adapted its production and launched production of certified masks for multiple use, which protect not only against the coronavirus, but also against other diseased spread by droplets. The mask offers many benefits, including multiple use, easy cleaning, replaceable filter, elimination of glass fogging, sustainability, money savings and many others.  

Countries, where the company regularly delivers its products according long-term contracts are marked in red colour: