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Professional protection for 0,28€ per day!

            Mask INDUSTRY SK1, MASK LJUSI & 
                              mask ELEGANT

Daily cost only 0,28€! Antibacterial effectiveness 95,7% & filtration effectiveness more than 98%.  

Advantages of the mask:
– TWO-WAY PROTECTION – it filters not only an inhaled air, but also an exhaled air, you protect yourself, as well as people in the surrounding
– REUSING – simply replace the filter

The robust design of the Mask Industry SK1 (size L/XL) is designed mainly for men with biger faces and for manufacturing companies. Mask Ljusi (size M/L) was designed mainly for women or men with smaller faces and office conditions. Mask Elegant (size S) was designed for women and people with smaller faces. Click here

For more information about the certification click here:
Declaration of Conformity Medical Face Mask Type1  “Industry SK1″
Declaration of Conformity Medical Face Mask Type1  “Ljusi”

Mask Industry SK1, Mask Ljusi and Mask Elegant are already for sale! Don´t hesitate! 

If you are interested in less than 100 pcs/you´re a natural person, here you go. We joined our forces with Expandeco, which is the best in professional care of your order via e-shop here. Please, feel free to contact them via or telephone line +421 233 056 101 as well.  

On the another hand, if you are interested in more than 100 pcs and you are a company/legal personal, please feel free to contact our Sales department – (+421 911 087 589, +421 903 430 366).0,30

GEVORKYAN is a family company established in 1996 on a “green field”. It produces metal components by innovative methods of Powder Metallurgy/Sintering (PM) and Metal Injection Moulding (MIM). Besides these two technologies it has Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and Additive Manufacturing (AM). Produced components are delivered and used in wide range of sectors, from automotive and oil industry, in compressors, through garden and agriculture technique, locks and security systems, air-conditions, sewing machines, measuring equipment, up to medicine, cosmetic or fashion industry. The company is an owner of the KNOW-HOW which forms the basis of products development. It has not only its own research and development (R&D) department, but also tool production and laboratory. Apart from that all kinds of secondary operations are situated directly in the company. Thanks to all mentioned facts it is able to offer complex services to its customers.

Modern and innovative technologies are characterized by lower production costs, mass production, variability of shapes and dimensions, reduced impact on environment in comparison to traditional technologies. Components are delivered to more than 30 countries worldwide. GEVORKYAN develops more than 150 completely new products yearly. It produces more than 5 million parts every month. At the same time, the company portfolio comprises more than 2000 different types of parts.



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